Hotel Monaco

Hotel Monaco is one of Kimpton Hotels quirkier boutiques. An eclectic mix of styles and decorations reference back to a singular theme of exploration and collection. They inhabit historic city buildings and, with that, infuse a sense of the city and its influences in all their decisions from wallpaper to statues. When Kimpton approached FINE to rebrand the look and feel our goal was to take these core attributes and build brand within a brand. Something wholly unique to Kimpton and to each Monaco, but still tied together as a family.




The original logo and spaces exemplified this idea of the world traveler. Someone who filled their bookshelves with treasures from a far off land and covered their suitcase travel stickers. With this travel heritage we looked to old luggage tags and illustrations as our initial departure point. We also needed to clearly define Hotel Monaco as its own entity and brand while still remaining a part of the Kimpton family. This required more attention in the way the typography in the logo would be presented and its relationship to the parent company.





After arriving at a core diamond motif logo echoing passport stamps and steamer trunk decals it was then time to infuse the character each Monaco possessed. Monaco Pittsburgh was opening its doors for the first time soon and would be the launch of the new brand. We used the influence of its distinct color palette and birdcage motif to drive the design and identity.






With Pittsburgh complete it was time to roll out the brand to the remaining hotel family. We researched the visual aesthetic of each hotel, its collections, decor, colors, and symbolism of geographic location. We arranged all this information into distinct boards to help ensure that each would be as unique as the last while still remaining within the Monaco look.





The final result is a brand within a brand within a brand. As guests visit each unique Monaco they also experience a family of unique characters like a cigar smoking monkey, regal lions, and busy bees united under one central theme and mark. The result is a lingering lust for exploration and curiosity to see what could be just around the corner.