homegenius is a brand new brokerage looking to build a national presence. As a result they came to 1000watt for a brand strategy that would help them launch a successful agent focused brand. The problem most brokerages face is the desire of agents to create their own subbrands with an individual look and feels they believe help them compete. Often these personal brands overshadow the brokerage they work for and the visual result from agent to agent within the same organization is messy and confusing. With homegenius we strategically created a brand that would help agents be the spotlight and give them ownable design resources while keeping the foundation and framework of brokerage intact.









We created a multitude of marks that allowed for agents to become the focus of their materials. With minimal elements we let agent photos become the spotlight. One of the biggest distinguishing elements developed for homegenius is the agent code. Using each agent’s individual zip code, as well as preferred color combination, they could create their own unique stamp and iconography. These codes also became the basis for the brand’s general design language.











For the launch of the brand we also completely rethought the typical real estate landing page. To make a statement at their launch event we wrote and designed a brand manifesto and pasted it directly on their new website’s homepage for agents to interact with. We didn’t obfuscate the obvious under look and feel. We wanted it to feel immediate through simple language and design.

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