Capsilon was a leading mortgage automation software that was in need of a refresh. Their brand has stagnated and was no longer drawing in customers or employees as their communication was reliant on outdated stock photos and overly technical language. They wanted a total rebrand to update their identity and marketing materials with a feel that better matched their advanced technology. Working with our strategists I took steps to evolve their logo and introduce a new identity with visuals and language that would demonstrate the depth and power of their software in an understandable way.

After our launch of the new marketing and brand identity Capsilon grew to power 15% of all mortgages in the US. They also went on to win the 2019 HousingWireTech Trendsetters Award and Best in Show at the NEXT Conference that same year. In 2020, they were acquired by Ellie MaeĀ®, the leading cloud-based platform provider for the mortgage finance industry.






Our first objective was to update the logo and colors and their request was “Evolution, not revolution.” Since this was the first engagement it required us to find a way to use the logo as a jumping off point for the remainder of the identity. The only way to do that was to first give the mark meaning that we could then grow and remix into a visual language. So, taking what they had, I carefully customized a new wordmark to better fit proportions of height and thickness for a digital environment, as well as altered the logo to give it a relationship to another object that could serve to tell a story of encapsulation and data points.








Now that we had a solid logo and wordmark it was onto forming the underlying identity. We literally expanded their new mark to create a dynamic system that could be used on different materials through their organization from website to business card. With simple tweaks to colors and fills we were able to create a library of visuals the team at Capsilon could use to get started but also grow and create with after our engagement ended helping to set them up for further success down the line.






We finalized the project with a new marketing website built on the idea that the Capsilon software does more than just create loans and other tech babble, but helps to make people’s lives easier. With new language and a fresh look we were able to help them launch their new site and re introduce themselves to the real estate world as new, trusted partners.